De Profundis mine Cor Meum

withering springs It was 15 minutes past 8 , as the digital display of my wristwatch beeped breaking the monotony of silence in the cold and  lonely streets of a lesser known part of the town. After a significant pregnant stretch of about a mile and half, I walked past a hawker giving away hand-outs… Continue reading De Profundis mine Cor Meum


Quite amiss

  little do we know, little do we live we die alone but seldom do we seek For the world's a lovely place to be but isn't something quite amiss? chasing dreams, chasing lives chasing purple moonlit skies it's quite a race against the time don't you think, you'll miss in an eye's blink? for… Continue reading Quite amiss


Interlocked fingers interlaced with love

It was a mildly hot summer afternoon and we were gathered the most in numbers. Fresh faces so many, it was easy to forget 'em all. Freshman, sophomore and senior year students were all together. This autumn gathering called itself a welcome ceremony, tying ourselves to this branch of physics with harmony.   With funny… Continue reading Interlocked fingers interlaced with love